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Pine Grove School was founded in 1969 by Carl Herring, beginning operations at a time when conditions such as autism and pervasive developmental delays were not clearly understood as disorders. The facility has evolved into an effective provider of services for children suffering from these disabilities. The school began with three children who were unilaterally dismissed from a program specializing in emotional and behavioral disorders because they were deemed to be too difficult to serve in the existing system of care. Since that time Pine Grove has provided comprehensive, therapeutics, and education services to over 500 clients both nationally and internationally. The scope of the referrals underscored the recognized need for highly specialized programs across the country.

In 2007 Pine Grove was purchased by David S.Perhach, a Licensed clinical social worker, who has had forty years of experience in the field. The core values of Pine Grove remain in tact today. It’s foremost purpose continues to be serving as a premiere program for children deemed too difficult for existing systems of care.