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We understand that placing your child in the care of others is an incredibly difficult decision to make, and as a result, we believe it’s important to hear from people and places that have had direct experience with us. Take a moment and read what family members and treatment providers have had to say.


“As a social worker, I have been extremely pleased with the treatment and services Cody has received the past four years. The staff has been very caring, loving and committed to Cody, as well as professional. I truly appreciate all the staff for always being available to me when I called or visited with Cody. He has been a challenge to handle I know, due to his special needs, but I don’t believe I could have selected a more appropriate placement for my special Cody. My special gratitude and appreciation to Pine Grove. Thank you for your love and concern in helping children like Cody.”

Dominica Asbury – Tazewell County Dept. of Social Services”

“Our son Andrew has been a resident of Pine Grove for 2 ½ years. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of care he receives. Pine Grove offers a program and staff that are able to meet all of Andrew’s needs. He has made tremendous gains since arriving at Pine Grove. Even though Andrew’s behavior can present many challenges at times, the staff at Pine Grove always meet these challenges. My husband and I have much trust and faith in the staff and how they treat our precious one. They are always positive, proactive and encouraging. They offer a structured environment and around-the-clock care that is superior. We are truly blessed to have Andrew there!.”

Bonita & Tommy Hedrick – Parents

“As I begin to write this testimonial of Pine Grove School, I wonder if this page they have given me is large enough to begin. Where to begin? My autistic son came to them a small, angry, broken child. One who could do very little, understood very little and was extremely angry. Angry to the point he might harm himself and he did several times, even under our careful watch. While in the public school system, he was in great need. I do not want to demean anything that his schools did for him, but it just wasn’t enough. He came to Pine Grove not being able to do a lot of things that were at the top of our list as important things we wanted him to be able to do. On his third day at Pine Grove his teacher asked me to please bring him to school in ‘big boy’ underwear, not a diaper. You can just imagine my amazement! The third day of school, who do they think they are – after all I had tried to potty train him and his other school had told me “he just doesn’t have the skills to ever, ever learn to be potty trained”! I had settled into those $1.00 a piece Depends diapers for life. I had stock in baby wipes! To school we went in big boy pants and underwear and home we came in the same dry clothes!! Pine Grove school had potty trained my son in three days. I though to myself: these women and men are a God send! To think of all the time lost and skills my son could have learned and already been doing if he had only been at Pine Grove the whole time. Oh my, time lost. I couldn’t think about that, we must just trod on, onward toward the future. A future that has been full of more skills learned than I could ever hope. Now his future is full of amazing thing he can do for himself. To name only a few, he’s never had a potty accident anywhere –school, home, bed, public. He can sign ‘yes, no’ and many other useful terms, he uses eye contact, he greets people, he sits quietly, he travels with our family, he feeds himself and takes care of many of his daily needs. He can walk across a street alone, he plays independently, and many more things I could name. One big one is he can give a hug and accept a hug with great happiness!! Yes, great happiness, the anger is all gone. Oh, he lets you know in an appropriate manner something he doesn’t like or want. But, the anger is gone. Pine Grove has taught my son to live. His life is so enriched by his days and experiences at Pine Grove. I can’t begin to put on paper – how do you give a child a life? Pine Grove has given my autistic son a life!!”

Margo Cook – Parent