Behavioral Intervention

The Pine Grove Approach

Program Focus

Pine Grove focuses on the development of positive, adaptive behaviors and reducing undesirable behaviors. While there are no known cures for autism and developmental disabilities, Pine Grove can help to improve behaviors and enhance the functioning level of individuals with developmental disabilities. We capitalize on principles about how learning takes place, and through the application of these principles we can teach children skills that will help them to be more independent and successful in the future.

Care Plan Development

Thirty days following admission and based on the IBTP and various other assessments, the care plan is developed. Both the strengths and the needs of the youth and family are considered in the development of a care plan. The care plan is developed through comprehensive review of a variety of sources including background history, parent/caretaker interviews, school and psychological reports, and direct observations of the child. From this information, care goals in the domains of social, academic, and adaptive behavior are developed. Once these care goals have been established, our care staff and the family will create a step-by-step care plan that builds on the student’s strengths to reach these care goals. And finally, a care plan evaluation strategy will be implemented so that the plan is regularly evaluated to determine whether it is continually meeting the individual needs of the student.

A Well Rounded Experience

Individualized Care

Highly individualized care plans and behavioral policies are developed by an interdisciplinary team. Care plan goals focus on communication skills, behavior management, daily living skills and interpersonal relationships.

Parent Involvement

Parents/guardians are encouraged to actively participate in all care planning and policy development for their child. Our parent training classes provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to review and practice interventions utilized at Pine Grove so that they may be implemented in their home.[/one_third]

Medical Services

Medical services at Pine Grove include on-campus nursing, psychiatric consultation & medication monitoring. Local physicians are utilized for routine/acute care.[/one_third]

Targeted Interventions & Support

Educational services at Pine Grove are driven by each child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Each child’s home school district collaborates in the development and review/reassessment of the IEP. Parents receive monthly reports highlighting student progress and regular updates regarding the child’s school behavior.

Additional Interventions

Students receive speech, occupational and/or physical therapy as directed in the IEP. Vocational, recreational and community training activities are also incorporated into the daily program.

Equine Therapy

Equine assisted therapy through Horse Power at: 1645 Etters Lane Cassatt South Carolina 29032 (803) 675-5664