The Pine Grove School

Program Overview

Educational Services at Pine Grove Inc.Pine Grove has established its own private school that is approved by the South Carolina Department Of Education (office of exceptional children), operating year round(240days). All group home clients are automatically enrolled in the program. The school provides special education to children with autism, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities. Students are grouped by age and ability level. Each classroom is assigned a special education teacher, as well as an educational assistant. Behavior support specialists are available as needed.

We provide an individualized, strength base approach to academic and behavioral growth. Our evidenced based approach helps to aid academic and social growth, increasing their abilities to create lasting relationships with peers and adults. We teach life skills so that each child can become an independent member of the community.


Our program helps students enhance their academic functioning levels, develop coping skills, as well as build and maintain positive relationships so that each child can be successful in their pursuit of life.

Program components include:

  • in conjunction with the home school develop and implement the individual education plan
  • administer all federal and state testing requirements
  • consistent behavior support plans used in the classroom as well as the group living setting
  • a variety of communication methods are explored to determine the best method of communication
  • psychological services utilizing principles of applied behavioral analysis
  • speech, occupational, and physical therapy as indicated in the IEP
  • all teachers are highly qualified, and licensed by the State of South Carolina in special education
  • varied sensory experiences provided throughout the day
  • educational assistants are trained and qualified to work in the group living homes
  • community based learning
  • experiential education
  • pre vocational skills development
  • direct instruction in the area of social skills, communication and functional skills
  • family focused services
  • campus atmosphere allowing independent living skills to be practiced in a real home setting

Educational Services at Pine Grove Inc.

Day Education Services

Pine Grove has allocated six slots in its academic program for children to attend as a day students. All services listed above are provided. Local school districts should contact the educational administrator for admission procedures.